The Indiana Pacers defeated the ​Los Angeles Lakers by a final score of 136-94 on Tuesday night, good for the worst loss of LeBron James' career and one of the worst losses in Lakers franchise history. 

That wasn't the most telling storyline, however. LeBron did not play in the fourth quarter as the loss was already set in stone, and during his time on the bench he sat three chairs away from the next Lakers player!

That player? ​Brandon Ingram, who fell victim to some trolling Pacers fans chanting "LeBron's gonna trade you" while he was shooting a free throw. 

Seemingly every Lakers player (besides James) has been made available in a potential trade for Anthony Davis, and that was every bit evident on Tuesday night. 

Was the 42-point loss more of a clue that the trade talks were affecting the team or the fact that James was sitting by himself on the bench more conclusive? 


Is the Lakers locker room too divided to be saved? 

Maybe not, but the the loss should certainly motivate Magic Johnson to get a deal one before the season completely unravels, because his players certainly aren't motivated.