​Adrian Wojnarowski reported early Wednesday morning that the Clippers traded Tobias Harris to the 76ers for a plethora of assets, a move that arguably makes Philly the favorite to come out of the Eastern Conference

This trade, as random and unpredictable as it was, may have done some damage to the Celtics' hopes in landing Anthony Davis in a way you probably didn't see coming.

If the Clippers miss the playoffs (something that is very likely without Harris and Marjanovic), they would keep their first rounder and Boston would lose it. That's a massive pick swing at the margins in a tight AD chase.

It's amazing how some things work out, isn't it? Don't try and tell us that the 76ers and Clippers were not aware of this possibility.

In fact, we'd like to think that it was one of the deciding factors, other than acquiring a player who is averaging 20.9 points and 7.9 rebounds per game this season. 

The Clippers, on the other hand, have just became formidable players in the Anthony Davis sweepstakes (he's already coined them as one of the ​franchises that he would commit long-term to), while damaging the Celtics' appeal in the process and souring their potential package. Four-dimensional chess, baby.