​Ty Kelly is a career .203 hitter with just three home runs in 118 games. In 2018, he went just 1-11 with the Mets and posted an OPS+ of -22 (+100 is average). He isn't a great ​baseball player. Kelly knows all of this.

The former Mets and Phillies utility player agreed to a deal with the ​Los Angeles Angels on Tuesday. Kelly himself now hopes fellow superstars Bryce Harper and Manny Machado will follow suit.

Kelly, who is apparently angling to get a ​stand-up career started, hinted at which team he would sign with with a not-so-cryptic "Angels in the Outfield" reference. 

​​To be fair to Kelly, he's had some memorable moments in his career. He once hit a pinch-hit grand slam. That's something. 

But seriously, Kelly is right. It's time for Bryce and Machado to sign. It's beyond ridiculous that two of the best players in the sport still don't have a contract with Spring Training so close