​​Matt Nagy isn't taking the humble route in 2019. 

The 2019 ​NFL Coach of the Year has set some lofty expectations for his ​Bears, asserting that his expectations for next year are nothing short of a Lombardi Trophy. 

​​​​Coming off a 12-4 season, the Bears will be a popular pick for next year's Super Bowl, as they were just a Cody Parkey field goal away from what couldn't have been an extended playoff run this year. With most of the starters on the No. 1 ranked defense in the league back for 2019, that hype is justified. 

There are some concerns, however. The Bears offense looked less lethal with every passing week, and Vic Fangio, the mastermind of that amazing defense, took the Denver Broncos head coaching job. 

Mitchell Trubisky was excellent in his sophomore season, but will have to make the leap to star if he wants to validate his coach's beliefs. 

​​A team with a young, innovative coach, the Bears aren't going anywhere for a few years. Expecting a Super Bowl in 2019, however, might be a little bit of a stretch.