​Well, well, well. What do we have here?

No, like, seriously. What do we actually have here? Because the reports make no sense, and this means nothing.

First came the rumors the ​Lakers were growing frustrated, and chose to pull out of the ​Anthony Davis sweepstakes for now, at least until the summer, so that they wouldn't continually be bidding against themselves.

​​But, that's news to the Pelicans, it seems.

The team's Twitter account seemed more than a little annoyed with whatever stall tactic the Lake Show was trying to employee.

​​Monocle Guy, indeed. The Pelicans are watching all of us bicker on Twitter over what's going on behind the scenes, it would appear. And they just want to let us know they're watching us.

​​Or, well, there's that, too. If we were to power rank who's handled this scenario the best thus far, we might tie every executive together in last place. Dell Demps continues to ask for an absolute king's ransom with seemingly no intention of trading a man who's begged out, barely listening to overtures. 

Magic Johnson continues to cave nearly to the point of exhaustion, and risks losing an exclusive negotiating window by not taking the final step. And Danny Ainge has repeatedly promised (it would seem) to offer various young assets this summer for Davis, alienating them amid a potential playoff run in the process.

This is being handled poorly! I'd rather Monocle Guy be in charge of making offers.