​The ​Washington Wizards have just gotten an absolutely devastating John Wall update out of left field. 

It now looks like the star point guard has undergone another surgery in addition to the one he just went through to fix his bone spurs, and will miss the next 12 months of basketball action. 

Wall has dealt with trouble in his left heel throughout his career, but his ruptured Achilles tendon stems from slipping and falling in his house while recovering from that previous issue.

Wall's luck is saddening, to say the least. He ​underwent the initial surgery on January 8, but the incision from the surgery became infected. While attempting to manage said infection, he slipped and further damaged the area significantly.

Wall played a solid season despite battling bone spurs and heel issues throughout. He finished averaging 20 points, eight assists and three rebounds in 32 games. 

The ​Wizards as a whole are struggling this season, but they currently sit in 10th place in the Eastern Conference, which does open a small possibility of playoff hopes. Who knows? Maybe they can band together and make a playoff run for Wall. 

For those of us who enjoy fun basketball, or who wanted a Boogie/Wall reunion this summer in DC, this is absolutely harrowing.