​Can ​Magic pull a rabbit out of his hat?

Despite offering just about everyone on the roster not named LeBron James to the Pelicans in exchange for ​Anthony Davis, New Orleans ownership seems content to wait out a trade until the offseason, with the hopes of receiving a better deal from the likes of the Boston Celtics or others. Johnson is hoping to reverse that trend, and is making a late push to convince Dell Demps and Co. to make the move now.

The Lakers know making such a deal will be much tougher in the offseason, when they have more competition for Davis' services. Upon hearing that AD was open to signing extensions with multiple teams (not just the Lakers), Rob Pelinka upped his initial offer, but it fell on deaf ears. 

The Pelicans aren't budging right now, and from the outside looking in, it's out of spite.

Could New Orleans just be using the Lakers to receive better offers this summer? If so, it's an unusually savvy move from Demps, a man who's been routinely mocked for his negotiating skills.