Kobe Bryant expressed his doubts about whether or not the Houston Rockets can win an NBA title with James Harden playing the way he is right now. In an interview with ESPN's Rachel Nichols, Bryant said Harden's style of play is easy to defend, especially come playoff time, which is why until the Rockets get healthy and have more pieces that can produce around Harden, they won't be able to compete for a championship.

Harden is on a historical tear at the moment, but Bryant is right in his criticism. LeBron couldn't beat the Warriors without help from Kyrie Irving. The Spurs needed production from their big three in order to take down the Heat.

Bryant was an elite scorer during his career but always had other players on his championship teams that could provide support. From his early years with Shaq, to his later titles with Pau Gasol, Bryant could move the ball around effectively and prevent opponents from locking down one player.

You need a team to win a championship, one player simply is not enough. Harden's performance this season is remarkable and he has a great chance to capture another MVP. 

But, if he wants to win a title, the Rockets will need to build a team that doesn't have to rely on this type of run to win games.