​The scandal surrounding Arizona Wildcats head basketball coach Sean Miller and his corrupt intercepted conversations which allegedly featured his ​willingness to pay recruits to ensure their commitment consumed a large portion of the 2018 college basketball season...(pause for breath). 

Since then, the 50-year-old has continued coaching and even managed to develop a ​top five recruiting class for 2019 as he awaited an inevitable trial. 

Well...according to Yahoo! the time has come as the NCAA is preparing to begin an official investigation into the head coach's involvement, which could very much muddle Miller's future. 

Pete Thamel also reports that the Arizona head coach will likely be subpoenaed to appear at the upcoming trial of Christian Dawkins, who was already found guilty in his first national ​college basketball corruption trial that started back in October. 

This is potentially a terrible look for Miller considering that Dawkins has previously admitted the significant role he played with the program's recruiting. 

It could be the beginning of a long series of court dates for Miller as Dawkins' lawyer, Steve Haney, recently told Yahoo!: "We have no intention of pleading. And we believe, factually, the indictment is incorrect and we intend to prove it at trial.”

Miller's future at Arizona is anything but secure.