Russell Westbrook is known for being one of the most elusive scorers in the NBA. The OKC Thunder Guard is averaging 21.5 points per game this season, and remains known as one of the most likely guys in the league to produce triple-doubles almost every night. However, is his tendency to be a ball hog ​OKC's biggest problem in the moment? Yes. And that showed Sunday afternoon when the Thunder visited the Celtics. 

After Westbrook's turnover in the final seconds that cost the Thunder yet another chance to get a last-minute win, Russell Westbrook took responsibility by saying, "That's on me." He's completely right. And the ball should've been in Paul George's hands.

Westbrook just had to be the hero, didn't he? And sometimes, he can be. But more times than not, Westbrook can actually be a detriment to his team, and hurt them more when he's on the floor than when he's sitting on the bench.

In fact, many of his beloved triple-doubles end up being a net negative for OKC.

Westbrook has a remarkable seven of the NBA's 11 negative triple doubles this season. That negative net rating concludes that the Thunder were 4.8 points worse with him on the court yesterday than when he was on the bench. 

It is the point guard's job to find the open man and distribute the ball in order to find your team the best possible opportunity to score. When it comes down to the last moments of the game, Westbrook needs to evaluate the situation, not automatically take over and play selfishly. 

Of course, it's even more glaring when Westbrook's clutch-time antics ruin a game because of how incredible Paul George's 2018-19 season has been, especially in the waning moments of a tight game.

When it comes down to crunch time, Westbrook has to get better at handling the ball and positively contributing to his team, not ultimately embodying the reason they lose.