It's been a few weeks so you may have forgotten the locker room issue in Philadelphia that reared its ugly head during this short offseason.

The Eagles are trying to move one of their quarterbacks and it isn't the one that allegedly has a personality issue. Carson Wentz was recently bashed in a report that featured an anonymous player calling him "egotistical" while attacking his leadership. Whoever that player is, he better buckle up because he's going to be getting more of the same in the future.

Wentz defended himself by saying his personality and leadership isn't going to change.

This was a good look for Wentz now that he finally got a chance to stand up for himself.

Wentz acknowledged the report that attacked his character and did admit he had some flaws. The star quarterback looked within instead of seeking the player who questioned his leadership and said there were some things he had to change. 

Wentz did shut down other aspects of the hit piece including his alleged beef with offensive coordinator Mike Groh.

In the end, Wentz doesn't need to change. His personality wasn't a problem when he was leading the Eagles a year ago and plenty of his teammates seem to have his back. He's everything the Eagles hoped for and will continue to be the leader in the locker room no matter what anonymous players say.