You have to give it to the city of New Orleans. They're sticking by their protest against the NFL.

These fans believe their team deserved to be in the Super Bowl and you can't blame them. The missed pass interference call from the NFC Championship Game kept this team out of the title game and essentially removed any draw to the league's biggest contest. Instead of supporting the Super Bowl, Saints fans made their unhappiness clear. 

The Super Bowl had a 26.2 rating in New Orleans, the lowest in the city's history. 

I wonder if that rating would've been a little bit higher if they were in it instead of Los Angeles. A betting man would say yes. 

It's not like Saints fans really missed anything. The Patriots beat the Rams in the lowest scoring Super Bowl in league history. People should envy the city of New Orleans since people there actually enjoyed their evening instead of watching two teams punt the ball back and forth. 

Overall, New Orleans won the Super Bowl experience. They missed arguably the worst title game in history, had a better halftime show, and stuck it to the NFL in the process. Good for you, New Orleans.