​Rob Gronkowski is off to celebrate his third Super Bowl victory, but once the celebrations are over, the 29-year-old will have a big decision to make. Gronkowski is reportedly still up in the air over his playing future, and is mulling a possible retirement. 

The monster TE will reportedly announce a decision on ​his retirement in the next week or two, as the ​Patriots' tight end has the option to end his career on a high note. 

Gronkowski is reportedly considering making a ​career change and becoming an actor should he hang up the cleats. He's already established himself as a lock for the Hall of Fame, and the multiple injuries he's dealt with throughout his career may push him towards an early retirement for his own betterment. Considering his charisma, it's not hard to imagine him succeeding in Hollywood as well.

He's not the only Patriots player to consider calling it quits, as Devin McCourty is also weighing his future in the league. Some believe Tom Brady will retire, though the 41-year-old has publicly voiced his desire to play a few more seasons in the league (he'll make it to 45 if he wants, we're sure).

Gronkowski has had a celebrated career, amassing 79 touchdown receptions throughout his nine seasons in the league. He's reeled in 521 receptions and picked up 7,861 yards.

We'll wait to see if that's it.