​Much like the rest of America, ​Bryce Harper was watching the Super Bowl on Sunday. 

Unlike most of the nation however, Harper remains uncertain about where he will be working in just a couple of months. The superstar slugger has yet to sign a deal in free agency, despite being arguably the most valuable player on the open market. 

Harper took to Twitter after the ​Patriots' Super Bowl win and posted a cryptic tweet, getting fans riled up over a potential announcement of where he plans to play during the 2019 season. 

Harper tweeted out the word "Loading..." and fans instantly jumped to the conclusion that he was talking about his free agency. Perhaps Harper quietly inked a deal with a new team, the ​Padres perhaps, and is hinting at his announcement? 

Regardless, Harper will have the entire ​MLB intrigued by his latest comments and fans everywhere will be eagerly awaiting any new information the 26-year-old has to offer. 

Still, Harper was expecting to sign a long-term lucrative deal that would make him the highest-paid player in MLB history. The offseason has fallen short of expectations, however, as Harper remains unsigned along with more than 100 other free agents.