​Say what you want about the Patriots being in the pocket of NFL referees, but no team gets every single call. An example of that was seen early on in Super Bowl LIII, as ​Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle ​Aaron Donald completely obliterated ​Tom Brady after he'd already gotten rid of the ball and walked away without a penalty flag thrown. 

​​Donald got to Brady in time to land a hit, but flung the 41-year-old quarterback to the ground after he had released the football. Brady could do nothing, while the Rams' star defender grabbed his jersey and tossed him to the floor. 

The NFL was very strict about roughing the passer calls throughout the season, but they dropped the ball on this one, as Brady took a beating on the play from Donald. 

The Patriots' offensive line had been excellent about protecting Brady throughout the playoffs, but the Rams' defensive unit is proving to be a lot for them to handle. 

The one player they definitely don't want to allow to be in Brady's face all game is Donald, and this is a great example of why they need to keep the reigning ​Defensive Player of the Year away from their star quarterback.