Manny Machado is still on the free agent market. Despite having a short stint with the Los Angeles Dodgers, he still has plenty of Hollywood left in him. On the day of Super Bowl LIII, Machado shared an Instagram post of himself in a Todd Gurley ​Rams jersey, complete with a  Dodgers "VilLAins" hat.

"Who’s ready????? #Gurley #Superbowl2019 #VilLAins #," the caption reads.

There you have it, Machado is not a fan of the ​New England Patriots.

The months-long stint Machado had in La La Land couldn't get him away from Boston as the Red Sox dominated the Dodgers in the World Series. He was used to seeing that plenty as a member of the Baltimore Orioles.

So now, Machado want the Rams to do one thing: Beat Boston.