​Winning Defensive Player of the Year last season felt ​so great for defensive tackle Aaron Donald that the man decided to do it once again! 

After posting a mind-numbing 20.5 sacks this past season, it was a no-brainer for the NFL to give the Los Angeles Rams superstar the honor once again. 

Moments ago, they made it official. 

Donald -- and NO ONE else -- deserved to get this trophy. In 2018, the Ram posted the 20.5 sacks we mentioned above, but also recorded 59 total tackles. 

​The 6-1, 280-pounder looked like he was going to be a holdout for LA in late August, but the two sides were able to agree to a record-breaking deal. The team signed Donald to a six-year, $135 million contract with $87 million guaranteed. And how did he thank the Rams for all those bills? By putting together one of the best defensive campaigns we can recall se. 

Now, Donald and the Rams will look to end the season with a Super Bowl title. Let's see if they can get the job done come Sunday night.