​​Patriots fans. Don't you just love them? Aren't they so humble and modest?

Honestly, when you have Tom Brady, arguably the greatest quarterback to ever put on a helmet, leading you to ​Super Bowls year after year, you've kind of earned the right to be a little bit of a show off. 

One Patriots fan is taking that to heart, showing up to the Super Bowl in a Tom Brady "GOAT" outfit that is somehow insanely tacky and kind of awesome at the same time. 

Anytime you get the opportunity to wear red, white, and blue camouflage cargo pants, you take it.​​

Both in New England and down south in Atlanta, Patriots fans have cranked the ​insufferable dial up to 11. They've resorted to holding rallies (yes, rallies) to keep beating the Brady-GOAT dead horse and feeding into their ​ridiculous underdog narrative

Expect to see plenty more of that in Atlanta at the actual game, as, based solely on the eye test, Patriots fans seem to largely outnumber Rams fans. ​​

If Brady wins his sixth Super Bowl, these fans might reach new levels of annoyance. The worst part? It'll be totally justified. ​​