The Toronto Maple Leafs have built themselves quite the team over the past couple of years. With recent trades for impact players like defenseman  Jake Muzzin and the free agent signing of center John Tavares, there's no question why Toronto has found success. 

One of the players who has been at the head of Toronto's transformation is  All-Star Auston Matthews. He's now in the last year of his three-year deal since being drafted first-overall in 2016. There's no question that the Leafs will be negotiating an extension. Matthews' agent is headed into town to try to make a deal this week. 

While a finished deal might not be ready for a few more weeks, it's crucial that the  Leafs pay the man enough to keep him around. He's a special talent who has proved he's capable of big things in the NHL. 

Matthews reached 60 points in each of his first two seasons and is on track to do it again this year. He's got 22 goals and 23 assists for a total of 45 points in only 36 games. 

Leafs fans should expect a deal to be signed in the near future. It doesn't look like Matthews is going anywhere any time soon.