​Draymond Green is the epitome of the NBA's bad boy, caring not for the pundits paid to analyze today's game. Given that fact, my criticism is likely to fall on deaf ears.

Upon hearing he did not make the NBA All-Star team, ​Rudy Gobert held an emotional interview in which he left the media room in virtual tears. Green then took to twitter to troll Gobert for crying, along with Warriors teammate Andre Iguodala.

What Draymond doesn't realize is that the majority of his recent accomplishments--specifically those which occurred on the greatest stage--came as a result of Green crying over the phone to Kevin Durant. When KD made his unceremonious exit from OKC to the Bay Area, it was effectively due to the recruiting efforts of Draymond, who begged him to team up with the Golden State super-team after they blew a 3-1 lead to the Cavs and LeBron James.

Not to mention Green's on-court antics. Draymond complains to the referees for calls more than any other NBA player. His screams are heard far and wide. Green cries every game, and it works to his favor more than not.

We're big mad. 

Draymond deserves all the respect he gets, but bullying shouldn't be tolerated. It's easy to take shots from the mountaintop, especially as the fourth-best player on a championship juggernaut. Be careful what you wish for, Dray. Free agency isn't far away.