​Earth-shattering news has arrived for Kansas and Bill Self. 

While the program has been waiting to see what the NCAA would decide with power forward Silvio De Sousa, no one expected this. 

On Friday night, the NCAA announced De Sousa is ineligible for the rest of the season. It's not just that, though. He's also ineligible through next campaign as well. 

​​There's dropping the hammer, then there's this. 

As state above, De Sousa's problems began due to his guardian's involvement with an agent while he was still a student-athlete. The NCAA, as we all know, does not want any prospect to have contact with an agent until the appropriate time. 

Is this a little harsh, though? Many out there would say so. 

Now, De Sousa will have to wait nearly two years before he's allowed to play in a Game for Self or Kansas. You've got to feel for the kid.