He deserved it.

He got it.

Now, he balls out.

A masterclass in player development, ​D'Angelo Russell, once ​exiled from Los Angeles, heads to the All-Star Game in Charlotte as a Net reborn.

​​Victor Oladipo's devastating leg injury torpedoed the Indiana Pacers' campaign, and he absolutely deserved to be honored with an All-Star spot of his own. But in his stead, Russell's the clear-cut redemption case to get the nod.

D-Loading, after looking borderline unplayable in crunch time situations as recently as this year, now averages 19.6 points per game and shoots 37.4 percent from range, a literal five percent improvement from last season. He's an entirely different, confident player, and his rainbow-arcing three-ball is a defining feature, the last step towards stardom. That shot is his and his alone, and it's working for him.

Congrats, kid. With a fierce Nets playoff series ahead of us, we've got plenty more Russell heroics on the horizon.​​