​In a free agent market as ​slow as the one the MLB is currently experiencing, it's easy to get antsy about who signs where. This could manifest in false rumors, bad hunches, and all sorts of other things.

Or it could, you know, produce a false breaking headline on live television.

​​No, Phillies fans, Harper has NOT signed with Philadelphia, at least not as of yet. Check NBCSports.com/MLB, though! Could be cool.

The gaffe, while funny, is indicative of a frustrating trend manifesting itself in baseball at the moment. Teams simply are not signing the big name free agents like they used to. 

The fact that superstar players such as Bryce Harper and Manny Machado remained unsigned during what in previous years had been billed as the "greatest free agent market in decades" is disturbing to say the least. Some of the best players in the sport are still out of a job with Spring Training approaching.

​​Plenty of ​suitors abound for such talented players. The only problem is that they all seem hesitant to pay up. For both the fans and the players alike, the wait has become excruciating.