The Kristaps Porzingis trade to the Dallas Mavericks yesterday sent shockwaves throughout the ​NBA, with the New York Knicks once again blowing it up in the hopes of signing a max level free agent or two come the summer.

Now, an intriguing failed deal for the big man has emerged, and its implications are tantalizing because it involves superstar​ point guard Kyrie Irving.

Even when the Knicks had a chance to pick up one of the top players in the world pre-knee injury, they still found a way to mess it up. Right on schedule for New York. The prospects of Joakim Noah following the unicorn to Cleveland ultimately caused the deal to implode, with the Knicks left on the short end.

Of course, the Cavaliers later sent Kyrie to the Celtics for a package led by Isaiah Thomas. You know the rest. 

KP for Anthony Davis was yet another example of a swing and miss proposition. The Pelicans did not have sufficient interest in Porzingis, but the Knicks at least picked up the phone and made the call. The deal they actually made gives them a razor-thin margin for error.

​Cap space? Draft picks? Really? The Knicks couldn't stomach eating Joakim Noah's contract for the sake of bringing in Kyrie Irving, and now have sent their young star away... for salary flexibility. If the Knicks come away from this summer without having picked up a legit top-level star, this whole Porzingis move really just becomes par for the course.