​It seems as if the ​Lakers finally got through to ​Pelicans' GM Dell Demps after he reportedly ignored several phone calls from teams interested in ​Anthony Davis. The Pelicans' star is demanding his way out of New Orleans, and the team is figuring out its future without the superstar. 

Adrian Wojnarowski has reported that Magic Johnson finally made contact with Demps on Thursday and the two sides are in discussion over ​potential trades for The Brow

​​Adding another superstar to the mix in Los Angeles has become a top priority for the front office, and with Davis making himself available, the time is ripe for the ​Lakers to pull off a blockbuster deal.

Apparently, Magic Johnson entered the discussions aggressively. Reports suggest that Johnson offered five different trade offers to Demps as a means of starting off the conversation. 

​​That's one way to kick it off. The Pelicans will have five offers from the Lakers to weigh out and ultimately decide on which one interests the team the most. It's an unusual tactic but with the trade deadline looming, the Lakers and Pelicans need to get this deal done quickly, or risk waiting until the offseason when more teams will be in play for Davis. 

The Celtics are one team hoping to snag Davis from the Pelicans, but won't be able to do so until this offseason (unless they move Kyrie Irving before making the deal). Should the Lakers pull this off before the trade deadline they would be able to pursue other star free agents in the offseason and could contend this season as well.