You've got to love this. 

​There's a play from Super Bowl LII last year that has since been immortalized, and it's called the "Philly Special." Right before halftime last year, the Philadelphia Eagles pulled off the epic play on 4th down, which ended with Nick Foles catching a TD on 4th down from Trey Burton. 

Los Angeles Rams running back ​Todd Gurley was asked if they might run that play in the Super Bowl on Sunday against the New England Patriots, and he basically threw quarterback Jared Goff under the bus. 

​​He's probably correct in that assessment. 

The Rams haven't run many trick plays that leads to Goff catching a pass. Actually, they never do it because Goff has yet to catch a pass in the NFL (which isn't crazy because he's a quarterback).

So, if the game is on the line or head coach Sean McVay wants to run something strange against New England, a sequel of the "Philly Special" is unlikely. 

But, maybe that's what Gurley and the Rams want them to think?

Nobody is going to rag on Goff if they don't set up a play where he's supposed to make a catch. I mean, his counterpart ​Tom Brady isn't known for being a receiver either.