The New York Knicks are tanking and currently have the worst record in the NBA, but it's not all that terrible. They're looking at a lottery pick in a draft littered with incredible talent.

But apparently there's a completely different feel to tanking when you're actually part of the organization doing it. 

Superstar big man Kristaps Porzingis reportedly met with Knicks brass on Thursday to speak about his concerns with everything going wrong in New York.

Hey Kristaps, prepare for a history lesson. This losing culture and awful direction have been plaguing this franchise for far longer than you've been around. 

The direction for New York is currently downward. They're planning on trading proven veterans and have no reason to win at the moment, but that's not something Porzingis may want to be a part of. He still has a ways to go to return from a torn ACL he suffered last year so he won't be able to turn around this franchise anytime soon. But if the Knicks manage to land a top draft pick and a marquee free agent, then things start to get intriguing.

Porzingis doesn't sound like he wants to play for a team that's currently in a rebuild but his hands are tied. He can either accept a qualifying offer this summer to play for just $4.5 million next year to enter free agency the following year, a risky move for someone coming off of an ACL injury. 

Or, he can stay in New York for a five-year max deal. 

​​This summer we'll figure out which Porzingis likes more, a winning direction or money -- of course, depending on what the Knicks manage to do with the roster.