Anthony Davis labeled the Lakers and Knicks as two of his ideal destinations after demanding a trade from New Orleans. The franchises followed suit by reportedly preparing their trade packages for the superstar, with the ​Lakers already having their mammoth of an offer ready to go. Howeve ESPN gem Adrian Wojnarowski has just declared that the Pelicans do not feel compelled to deal The Brow to one of his preferred havens. Check it out: 

​​"New Orleans has no interest in acquiescing Anthony Davis to the Lakers right now," Woj said. 

Are we really surprised? Pels general manager Dell Demps is supposedly refusing to pick up his phone and listen to deals and the franchise even went as far as to intentionally slight Davis by ​removing his name from its introductory video

Though we don't necessarily see the purpose, New Orleans seems utterly committed to playing devil's advocate here. What exactly is their end game? The Lakers have a monster trade package at the ready. 

It appears as though the Pels are more focused on playing hardball than their future.