The Saints are not on good terms with Roger Goodell and the rest of the league. Shocking, I know.

Goodell had some explaining to do after waiting 10 days to address the call, or lack thereof, in the NFC Championship. Instead, all he said was that the refs are human, admitting the call was wrong. He went on to say he has talked to the Saints, which is probably the only way he could've made matters worse with New Orleans.

Wide receiver Michael Thomas immediately took to Twitter to drop a bombshell, saying Goodell never met with the Saints. 

Why in the world would you say that if it weren't true? As if Goodell's reputation couldn't be any worse, this would be an awful development, if it's true. 

If Goodell had met with the Saints, Thomas would've been one of the first to know as he'd love to talk to the commissioner about why he didn't enact Rule 17 Section 2 Article 3. Even if they had met with just the coaches, Sean Payton probably wouldn't have worn a shirt with Goodell's clown face on it (okay, this might be a stretch but it does look similar). And why would Thomas lie?

We all know Goodell is a joke and not worth the price tag attached to him but this alleged lie makes the commish look even worse.