​NFL commissioner Roger Goodell ​is at it again. 

This time, of course, he has provided a frustratingly blanket response to the no-call heard around the world after finally breaking his silence with a pre-Super Bowl presser.

As we've all heard ad nauseam from Saints fans this week, Goodell ​technically posseses the power to make amendments to the rules, and even replay games if he believes that the outcome was hindered by an incorrect call from the officials.  

That being said, this response certainly doesn't come close to that, and will only add even more fuel to the New Orleans Saints' fire of ​hatred for Goodell and the referees

Goodell's reasoning here is sound; yes, the officials are humans, and yes, humans do make mistakes. But they are in the ​NFL getting paid excellent salaries to ensure that they do not make simple mistakes like this clear miss.

Whatever this was, on the biggest stage, remains the exact definition of a simple mistake. The fact that not one of the six refs on the field could see that it was a blatant pass interference is undoubtedly infuriating for everyone involved. 

Resistance? ​Goodell must be referring to his 32 bosses here, the ​NFL owners. If he worried more about the integrity of the game than his job for just one second, he would realize that this is not a difficult decision to make. At least, he could take a harsher position moving forward with regards to potential rule changes.

Do the right thing, Roger.