​The Pelicans are holding pat on all AD trade talks...for now. 

Pellies general manager Dell Demps is reportedly "not picking up his phone" for any trade negotiations on Anthony Davis, which doesn't exactly seem prudent. 

It's unclear whether Davis will be dealt ahead of the Feb. 7 trade deadline, but he has already made it clear that he's not signing a max contract with the Pelicans this offseason, and has to go at some point.

With the Pelicans still in the playoff race​​, Demps wants to retain his superstar for a late run. 

For right now, he's holding onto his star and letting the offers rain in, but there's no guarantee that he finds ​a deal to his liking before the deadline. Of course, holding him until the summer could secure Demps the bag from the Celtics, too, which is always worth keeping in mind.

​​Add potentially losing a generational talent for nothing to his repertoire if he keeps his phone on do not disturb through the entire summer.

Demps would be a fool to not trade AD with the Los Angeles Lakers and ​New York Knicks headlining the charge. Both have a bountiful amount of future assets that the Pels could build around. Yet, with just over a week before the trade deadline, it seems Demps could be refusing to humor any trade negotiations. 

Either good news for Boston, or total stupidity.