JuJu Smith-Schuster is one incredibly mature second-year NFL player. Following his fumble against the Saints in Week 16 that essentially cost the Steelers a spot in the playoffs, Smith-Schuster took full responsibility for the mistake and blamed the result only on himself, something many veterans might not even do.

Now, Smith-Schuster is showing himself to be even more of a leader in the Pittsburgh locker room. Advocating for keeping Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown with the team in a conversation with Ian Rapoport, Smith-Schuster is showing his desire to unite the Steelers once more to create a powerhouse he believes can win the Super Bowl. No more feuds for JuJu; he wants to get the Steelers family back together to win it all. 

Smith-Schuster has already shown himself to be a good role model for other players entering the Steelers organization through the respectful and fun way he carries himself off the field and the dedication and performance he displays on the gridiron. These mature comments only add to his standing as a respected player and fan-favorite, which will help him develop as a leader once the Steelers finally move into a new era.

While the Steelers missed out on the playoffs this year and have questions to deal with this offseason regarding trading Brown or re-signing Bell in free agency, it's nice for fans to be able to see one player on the team demonstrating consistency and steadiness. 

Smith-Schuster represents the future of the Steelers, and from what he's shown us thus far, it looks to be pretty bright.