OK, let's get this out of the way. The New England Patriots are a DYNASTY. Forget about the comical, forced narrative that they are even the slightest semblance of an underdog, ​because they aren't.

But don't tell Boston or the New England area that, as they are buying into what Tom Brady and Co. are selling.

"We're still here."

"Everyone thinks we suck."

"Too old, too slow."

With the majority of NFL fans groaning at the chants from the Patriots' fanbase, things were taken too far, as Samuel Adams Brewing Company created ​a Brady-themed double IPA for Super Bowl LIII. The name of the beer is "Too Old, Too Slow, Still Here," complete with a goat wearing a football jersey.

Somebody, please, stop the madness.

If you've watched the 2018 season from beginning to end, you can see that the Patriots looked far from dominant, where they lost five games, including four to non-playoff teams. Brady didn't light up the stat sheet like he did in 2017, when he won the league's MVP award.

But we all know once the Patriots enter the playoffs, they are a whole different monster. So Patriots fans, don't mistake yourselves, the media and the football world didn't say your precious team "sucked." They said the Patriots had a decent chance of losing to the Kansas City Chiefs or Los Angeles Chargers, both of whom looked to be the teams ready to slay the proverbial dragon. 

But they weren't.

And here you are, entering your third Super Bowl in four years, where you participated in your EIGHTH CONSECUTIVE AFC Championship Game. That doesn't make you an underdog on that fact alone.

Your team is centered in Boston, aka "The New Title Town." A 16-year old from the New England area has seen 11 championship parades between the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics. Eleven!

So, if you seriously believe this rhetoric, more power to you. Just enjoy it amongst yourselves, and please, don't flood our Twitter timelines with these groan-inducing slogans.

Just sip your double IPA and enjoy your likely sixth Lombardi Trophy, you "scrappy underdogs."