Prepare yourself for the most Boston thing ever conceived. 

After Tom Brady made his record ninth ​Super Bowl and the ​New England Patriots somehow came out of a strong AFC, Boston has gone wild with gloating and promoting the greatness of Brady and Bill Belichick. Boston based brewery Samuel Adams is crafting a special edition GOAT-themed beer that's available to you if you can head to their space in time.

​​The front of the can features a football player wearing No. 12 with the head of a goat. The back, however, features quotes that literally no one was saying about the Patriots, but Brady and the team convinced thousands of Pats fans were being widely disseminated.

If you are getting fed up with the Patriots' ridiculous playing of the ​underdog card, this beer likely won't help that narrative die down. 

Conversely, if you or someone you know is a fiercely loyal Brady and/or New England fan, or is a beer junkie who likes a good IPA, this would be a solid gift. ​​