We know that ​Boston is not one of Anthony Davis' preferred destinations given the uncertainty surrounding Kyrie Irving's future, to say nothing of the NBA's "Rose Rule" that prevents ​teams from having two designated player contracts on the books at once.

Solution: ​the C's must trade Kyrie if Danny Ainge wants to keep his dream of Boston becoming the league's next great dynasty alive.

​​For starters, let's take a look at Kyrie's recent off-the-court actions: He chastised teammates after an embarrassing loss and proceeded to call LeBron James to apologize for moments of immaturity during their time in Cleveland (which only spiced up rumors of Kyrie eventually LeBron in Los Angeles).

​His suspect leadership skills certainly don't add to the value he brings to the franchise. And though we know Boston loves Kyrie, the plan to build around the five-time All-Star is simply a pipe dream at this point-- there's no guarantee he'll even sign a contract extension there this summer.

The Celtics had originally planned to go after Davis this summer, but that flies out the window if he gets dealt prior to the Feb. 7 trade deadline. If they wait too long, they could easily end up with neither Irving or the Brow, which would constitute an absolute disaster.

Trading for Davis NOW will finally give Boston a bonafide, committed star that will complement rather than ridicule, its valuable young core. And the only way to do that is to unload Irving.