​Trae Young and Luka Doncic are destined to be linked together forever coming out of last year's draft.

With both being selected in the top five and subsequently traded for one another, both Atlanta's Young and Dallas' Doncic have been putting together impressive rookie campaigns. Young, however, seems to think that he will surpass all of the hype surrounding the record-setting Luka ​within the next half-decade.

That was a truly a bold statement. But ​​Young, who put up 26 points and eight assists last night against the Clippers in an upset win, is increasingly showing that he can back up the big talk with starring performances. 

Averaging a little over 16 points and seven assists this year, Young is still far, far behind Doncic in the ​NBA Rookie of the Year race. But if he can keep putting together plays like this, the trophy's destination won't necessarily be a foregone conclusion by the time we get to awards season.

Sure, Luka has taken up much of the spotlight this year with flashy passing and the ultimate green light to unleash devastating stepbacks. But there is no discounting the impact Trae Young has had on the Hawks from a box office perspective. And his potential to grow into a true NBA star is laying itself bare.