​LeBron James' move to Los Angeles was about a seismic a realignment that a single player can possibly impose on ​basketball. It put the Cavaliers back in the basement and suddenly transformed the Lakers into noisy neighbors in the West. But the Purple and Gold could find themselves contending for titles if two more puzzle pieces fall into place this summer.

Of course, it all starts with getting Anthony Davis ​out of New Orleans. But if and when that happens, Adrian Wojnarowski reports, the Lake Show will also have a shot to land one of the greatest shooters of all time in Klay Thompson.

This is all dependent, ​Woj stated on SportsCenter, on the Golden State Warriors declining to offer Thompson a max contract of five years and almost $190 million when he hits free agency this summer. But given the Dubs' heavy financial commitments -- Steph Curry is on a $201 million "super-max" and ​Kevin Durant is owed $31.5 million next season -- and increasing uncertainty around the future of Draymond Green, whether or not the team will be willing to give Klay the bag and pay him like mad through age 35 is an open question.

And that, in every way, is music to Laker fans' ears.

To be fair, a lot needs to happen before any of this even becomes a real and existing conversation. But when Woj speaks, heaven and earth doth move. There is officially a nonzero chance that Klay Thompson is employed by his father's old team in 2019-20.