ESPN won't be having a nightly baseball show in 2019.

Though Baseball Tonight will still run prior to the network's primetime baseball coverage and special events, it will not be a nightly show. 

Many fans across baseball are quite upset with the move, which on the surface seems to not make any sense given that Major League Baseball's revenue hit an all-time high this year, but I assure you the subtraction actually has some logic behind it. 

Baseball by nature is not the national sport that football and basketball are, as nationally broadcast games usually do not garner much better ratings than marquee regional broadcasts. To try and fight this, the league negotiated with ESPN to move the start time of Sunday Night Baseball to 7 p.m. ET. In exchange, MLB lifted ESPN's contractual obligation to broadcast a certain number of studio shows per season. 

Combine that with the fact that SportsCenter -- which in the summer essentially shows mostly baseball highlights anyway -- attracts more viewers than Baseball Tonight, and you have a perfect set of circumstances to choose not to bring the program back to the lineup on a nightly basis, which has actually been the case for the last two years. 

For all you baseball fans out there that still want specialized programming for your favorite sport each and every night, there's always the MLB Network.