Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald has been wrecking havoc over the league for the past few years to the point where countless folks out there think he's the best player in the NFL. 

Now, we finally get to see where all that power comes from after he released a shirtless photo of himself on his Instagram story.

The man is flexing, and my goodness, jacked doesn't even being to describe how big he looks. 

​​Holy Cow!

Donald has been a huge talking point for his team's upcoming matchup against the New England ​Patriots. After seeing this photo, New England might be in a lot more trouble than we thought. 

NFL fans freaked out over this picture, with many of them noticing that he looks more like a linebacker than a defensive tackle. Hall-of-Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin even tried trolling Donald. Not smart, Michael. 


Donald's hard work obviously has paid off aesthetically and it has also shown on the field. With 20.5 sacks during the regular season and dominant performances during the playoffs, the Rams are hoping he can continue his dominance on Sunday in the big game.