Two years after Boogie Cousins, the NBA landscape is on the verge of upheaval at the All-Star Break once more.

Kevin Durant, who is no stranger to ​the attention a franchise-caliber player can receive, was asked about ​Anthony Davis' request to be traded from the Pelicans and downplayed its importance.

​​​NBA Free Agency has become a game of wooing the star player to join your team and make a powerhouse to feast on the other 29 teams. Durant experienced this three years ago, and that is why he says, "We want guys to do exactly what they want to do in this league."

The team most expected to make a move for Davis is the Los Angeles Lakers, a division rival of the Warriors. Durant's comments seem to welcome the idea of Davis joining the Pacific Division and challenging Golden State for the Western Conference title.

The Warriors know that there is always a target on their back and teams are improving every day in pursuit of their crown. Head Coach Steve Kerr believes the Boston Celtics are becoming a threat regardless of whether or not they land Davis, and the star joining the Lakers would certainly provide a similar danger in the West.

With the Warriors sitting atop the Western Conference, there's no doubt that there is interest within the organization regarding how this trade request shakes out.