It started with a steal, then a missed layup, then a bricked three-pointer, then a failed alley-oop, before culminating with a blatant throw out of bounds. This all lasted about 30 to 40 seconds on Sunday night during the Lakers vs. Suns game, which left both teams' fans wondering if they were actually watching the NBA. What is going on? 

​​That's exactly what you're going to get when the 11-41 Suns visit the LeBron-less Lakers late on a Sunday.

The fiasco finally came to an end when Mikal Bridges hauled in an offensive rebound, but miscommunicated with his teammates and threw the ball out of bounds. 

​​The showing out on the court definitely did not leave the Lakers fans feeling happy about their team's performance, especially LeBron, who is still out with a groin injury and was paying more attention to ​those in the crowd.

The announcer for the game said it best: "This is a comedy of errors, ladies and gentlemen."