If the Los Angeles Lakers want in on the ​Anthony Davis sweepstakes they're going to have to let go of some young talent.

According to Brad Turner of the LA Times, a trade package for the All-NBA player will likely have to involve Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, Ivica Zubac and a future first-round pick​.

The potential trade offer shows just how much stock has fallen on Lakers forward Brandon Ingram. The No. 2 pick out of Duke was supposed to be the second star to pair with ​LeBron James, but he has struggled to develop the way the franchise thought he would.

Kuzma quickly stepped up to the role as LA's second best player a little before James went down with the groin injury Christmas day. In a perfect world, the Lakers would like to keep Kuz around to be the third option behind Davis and LeBron, but that doesn't look like it will be possible. Davis is one of the top-5 players in the NBA and a transcendent talent at only 25-years-old. With at least a decade of dominance left, no player (outside of LeBron) should be off the table.

If the Lakers are able to pair up Davis and James they immediately vault into the championship contender conversation (if that even exists with this current ​Golden State Warriors roster).