​It looks like the Boston Celtics will be able to offer the best potential trade package for ​Anthony Davis, but it's not because of their young assets, as many would suspect.

Due to the ​NBA's collective bargaining agreement, Boston would have to give up All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving if they have any designs on acquiring Davis before the summer.

Known as the "Derrick Rose Rule," players coming off rookie scale contracts are allowed to make 30 percent of the salary cap, as long as they have earned an MVP award, two NBA All-Star starts, or two All-NBA selections in their first four professional seasons. 

An extension of the rule is that the league prohibits teams from having two players who signed these designated player extensions on their roster at the same time. Irving signed his extension back in Cleveland, and Davis' contract with the Pelicans also falls under a DPE deal.

The only way the C's would be able to pair the two stars would be when Irving becomes an unrestricted free agent in July. The team could then re-sign him and trade for Davis without breaking any league rules.

This is dangerous for Boston as this opens the door for the Los Angeles Lakers. Already a client of LeBron James' management team Klutch Sports, LA is a huge threat to land The Brow.

A pairing of James and Davis would immediately make them top contenders in the West ... or as much as possible in a world that the ​Golden State Warriors exist.