As free agency continues to drag on, it seems like more and more teams are bowing out with the price tags on the remaining big names believed to be dropping.

With this type of climate in the market, this is the perfect time for the New York Yankees to go full Evil Empire and snatch up Bryce Harper on a big money, short-term contract

While the Bronx Bombers do have an embarrassment of outfield riches in Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks, Giancarlo Stanton, Brett Gardner, and Clint Fraizer, Harper's left-handed power and ability to play solid defense puts him leagues above the latter two men on this list and keeps Stanton at the DH spot where he belongs. 

Offering Harper something in the realm of J.D. Martinez's five-year deal with an opt-out after two years is an amazing fit for the Yankees that would give them the firepower they need to win now while keeping the future payroll in check. That's one option, or the Yanks could go even shorter, on say a two-year, $60 million deal, for example.

While the contract would certainly cost the team around $30 million a year for the next season or two, the most valuable baseball team in the league has more than enough funds to endure the slap on the wrist that is the MLB's competitive balance tax, which would not be expensive after their first-time offense (they were not taxed this past season).

Adding Harper to a 100-win team gives both parties their best chance of winning a World Series that they've had in years, and would probably teach the league a lesson about waiting too long to sign the top free agents

It's understandable that the Yankees don't want to get tied up in another massive 10-plus-year deal, but there's no reason they shouldn't make a short-term offer with a high average annual salary to one of the best players in baseball.