​At 24 years old, Jared Goff will be one of the youngest quarterbacks to start in a Super Bowl when his Rams take on the Patriots on Feb. 3.

In fact, his ​matchup against the 41-year-old Tom Brady will easily be the biggest age gap between two Super Bowl quarterbacks. It's been the year of the new generation overcoming the old. Things are moving quicker for the youngsters than ever before.

​​But is Goff the youngest quarterback to ever start in the big game? Would he be the youngest to win a ring if he does pull through?

Well, no, but it's close.

Youngest QB to Start Super Bowl

The youngest quarterback to start in a Super Bowl comes as a bit of a surprise. It isn't Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, or Colin Kaepernick. It was actually the legend himself, Dan Marino.

The greatest quarterback to never win a ring, Marino had a stellar run to his only championship appearance. At just 23, Marino blazed through the league. He broke six full-season passing records including most touchdown passes (48) and most passing yards (5,084). 

Oh yeah, it was only Marino's second year in the league and first year starting. Sound a bit like Patrick Mahomes, anyone?

The Dolphins took on the legendary 49ers in the 1985 Super Bowl. Marino threw a touchdown and two interceptions in San Fran's romping of Miami 38-16.


Youngest QB to Win Super Bowl

Marino was the youngest, but he stood no chance against Joe Montana and crew. So, who was the youngest to pull it off? ​Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben made his way to a championship in his second year just like Marino. Roethlisberger was also 23 years old, though he was eight months older than Marino (semantics, I know). Pittsburgh beat Seattle in the 2005 Super Bowl 21-10.

The Steelers only needed Roethlisberger to play safe football. He didn't come anywhere close to Marino's stellar season. In fact, his 22.6 passer rating was the lowest by any Super-Bowl-winning QB. But, he was the youngest, and his terrorizing of the AFC had only begun.

​​So, no, Goff might not be the youngest to ever do it, but he could be the most impressive young performer if he pulls off a win with a passer rating higher than 22. 


Plus, beating Brady is impressive in its own right, regardless of age.