​Tom Brady's got backup all across the country from all age groups. 

One kid nabbed headlines last week when he came out with his science fair project, proving that ​Tom Brady was guilty of cheating during Deflategate.

Well, let's add this hero to the fray; fifth grade Tennessean and Pats super fan Jayveion Morgan proved that the balls deflating was simply due to the rapid change in temperature on that AFC Championship day in 2015. ​​

​​This kid should be given more than a blue ribbon for his effort that probably went beyond the NFL's investigation. 

The only way to truly decide the controversy of Deflategate is to have these two kids go head-to-head in a debate match regarding Tom Brady's innocence. One match, two kids, everything at stake. Clearly, these two mini geniuses know more than the NFL investigators. 

What an absolute gem of a kid. He's got a bright future. If the Patriots are hiring, I'm sure they'd love to snag him before another team scoops him up. 

As Super Bowl LIII nears, all eyes will be on Tom Brady and his Pats as they chase yet another championship against the young and promising ​Los Angeles Rams. In a country that's mostly sick of seeing the Pats dominate, least Brady can know that he's got one kid pushing for him to capture that sixth championship. ​​