​​Let's. Go.

Tom Brady is still doing what he does best at age 41, leading the Patriots to yet another Super Bowl, and it appears that the quarterback isn't close to being done yet. Despite having been in the league for 19 seasons, Brady still feels he has some more gas left in the tank.


When he was asked about his ​potential retirement, Brady gave a straight-forward answer, saying that there was 'zero' chance that Super Bowl LIII would be his last game. So ​Patriots fans, get ready to celebrate, because you'll have at least one more year of ​Brady under center in 2019. 

Brady has been one of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history and has ​reiterated his goal of playing in the league until he's 45. Age doesn't seem to impact Brady, as he was locked-in when it mattered most throughout the 2018 campaign. 

Whether or not the Patriots opt to draft Brady's eventual replacement remains unclear, but what is known is that Brady has no intentions of hanging up his gear after this season, win or lose in Super Bowl LIII. Some have created a farewell narrative for the GOAT, surrounding a second Super Bowl matchup with the Rams, but Brady himself just does not care.

Brady will have his focus set on the Los Angeles Rams, who the Patriots will square off with on Sunday in Atlanta as Brady vies to pick up his sixth Super Bowl ring.