​The ​Washington Redskins have some questions to answer with regards to their quarterback situation, and it seems the team will take the safe route when it comes to addressing the position. After ​Alex Smith suffered a ​gruesome leg break during the 2018 season, the Redskins used three different quarterbacks as replacements. 

The team is not expecting Smith to play in 2019, as he will be recovering from the potential career-ending injury, so the team is set to plan for next year as if he will be seated on the sideline. 

​​While it's no guarantee that Smith will be forced to sit out next season, the Redskins are trying to do their due diligence and ensure they have options at the position should Smith be forced to miss the entire campaign.

Smith initially went down with a brutal leg injury after being sacked by two Texans defenders, one being J.J. Watt. The freak accident immediately ended Smith's season, and there was a lot of concern over his future in the league following the gruesome injury. 

Smith ultimately had a ​series of surgeries and had to battle infection during what ended up being a ​month-long stay in the hospital. Hopefully Smith can make a full recovery and come back for part of the 2019 season but the Redskins will need to bring in some other viable options should Smith be unable to return.