​The ​New England Patriots are set to travel to Atlanta ahead of Super Bowl LIII and fans showed up to send them off in insane numbers.​ A massive crowd gathered to offer their support for the team ahead of their journey to Atlanta, and ​Tom Brady took the mic to lead a "We're still here!" chant, which has swiftly become the rallying cry of these not-dead-yet Pats.

​Brady got the crowd going with his chant before epically dropping the mic in front of thousands of diehard Patriots fans. 

If there's one thing local Patriots fans know how to do, it's show up in mass quantities in order to support their team. The gathered crowd was absolutely massive, and this was merely a send-off rally.

If the Patriots win against the Rams in Atlanta, the crowd size will very likely skyrocket, as they will be celebrating yet another Super Bowl victory. 

The Pats have embraced their role as underdogs in the postseason and Brady has used his doubters as a means to ​fire up himself and his teammates. It's hard to count out the Patriots, and this entire postseason has been a staunch reminder as to exactly why that is.