​Call them bandwagon fans all you want. They'll keep proving they're the exact opposite.

Before the ​New England Patriots got on the plane to head to Atlanta for their Super Bowl matchup against the ​Los Angeles Rams, the team hosted a final sendoff rally at Gillette Stadium, and it was packed, to say the least.

Considering how cold it is in Foxborough at this time, you have to respect how many Patriots fans filled the stadium -- which is far from downtown Boston, to say the least -- just to stand there and get a glimpse at their team. You'd think at this point Patriots fans would get tired of coming to these things, but I guess winning championships never gets old.

One big reason why so many fans may have come to fill Gillette Stadium to the brim was because of the G.O.A.T himself, ​Tom Brady. Although the media has said this every year for the past few seasons, some believe that this time may actually be the final ride for Brady. Should the Patriots come out with a win on Feb. 3, especially against the team he started this whole ride against, many believe that Brady will ride off into the sunset and retire on the spot.

Personally, I don't believe Brady will retire until he is unable to dominate the game like he used to. For now, though, Brady is still the same old killer that the 31 other teams in the NFL have come to despise.